Introducing Our First Guest Artist : The Audible Doctor

What up!

Wow 2010 is going past FAST ! We better catch up !

So, while we are predominantly centred around JC and Nicky Taurus as our main artists.. we will, occasionally, be working with and promoting other artists. The first guest artist we want to introduce you to is.. *drumroll please*...

The Audible Doctor !

The AMD is a multi-talented hip-hop allstar..

Dayjob? Managing the infamous Fat Beats record store in New York City.

Nightjob? *deep breath* Producer, MC, DJ, radio host, live performer with his incredible Brown Bag Allstars group, the list goes on!

Where does he find the time we ask ourselves?!

Now, the AMD has a large amount of production work already under his belt, however his NEXT production project will be released exclusively on No Money Records.

Keep checking back for updates on this exciting project.

Meanwhile, you can peep his skills right here: